Accessing the reward catalog

Please follow these steps to access the Reward Center:

1. Sign-in to your account 

(if you are unable to login to your account, please the "forgot my password" function to retrieve your login information)
2. Click on the "Get Rewarded" tab in the top menu bar
3. Click on the gift card/reward item you wish to purchase (options vary by country)
4. Check out! If you experience any issues, please contact customer service through the reward catalog.


Unable to access the catalog

If you are unable to access the Reward Center, please try to login to the reward catalog by following these three steps:

1) Login to the SAB website:
2) Head to our Rewards Center:
3) Once you are logged into the reward center, copy/paste this URL in the same window you have the catalog open in:


Please contact us if you are unable to access the Reward Center.

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