Rewarding your participation

Members have the opportunity to participate in focus groups, individual consultations, lab product beta testing, and surveys. The subject of these studies range from exploring innovative new technologies to understanding bottlenecks in your lab's workflow that need to be solved. Companies use your feedback to provide new offerings that better meet the needs of our community. By improving the dialogue between scientists and suppliers, we expedite the next generation of discoveries.

Rewards for Participation

Participating members are compensated with ViewPoints and/or a chance to win valuable prizes or the opportunity to test new, breakthrough products each time a study is successfully completed within the required timeframe. Upon completion of the study, specified ViewPoints are automatically added to that member's account and may be redeemed for items in the Rewards Catalog.

Science Advisory Board Charitable Donation Program:

The Science Advisory Board is committed to advancing charitable causes, particularly in the areas of health, science, medicine, technology, and education. For each research study in which you participate, you will have the option of earmarking honoraria to help fund The Science Advisory Board's charitable activities.  Join with us in making an impact!


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